Jobs in Amazon: Online shopping giant to hire 55,000 people

Jobs in Amazon:

New York: Jobs in Amazon: Amazon is going on another hiring spree. The company said Wednesday that it plans to hire 55,000 people around the world, with about 40,000 of those roles in the US.

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Its Chief Executive Andy Jassy said Inc is planning to hire 55,000 people for corporate and technology roles globally in the coming months. That’s equal to more than a third of Google’s headcount as of June 30 and close to all of Facebook’s.

Jassy, in his first press interview since he ascended to Amazon’s top post in July, said the company needed more firepower to keep up with demand in retail, the cloud and advertising, among other businesses.

He said the company`s new bet to launch satellites into orbit to widen broadband access, called Project Kuiper, would require a lot of new hires, too. The positions range from tech jobs to corporate roles to warehouse work packing and shipping orders for the online shopping giant.

Jobs in Amazon: While other companies laid-off workers during the pandemic, Amazon’s workforce ballooned as more people stayed home and ordered toilet paper and groceries from the shopping site. Last year alone, it hired 500,000 people.

Amazon currently employs more than 1.3 million worldwide, making it the second-largest private US Employer after retail rival Walmart, which is also ramping up hiring.

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