Reliance Jio is offering users a Rs 75 plan

Reliance jio

Reliance Jio is the number one telecom operator in India for a good reason. The telco has been unbeatable because of offering value loaded plans and great network coverage to users throughout the country. Much recently, Bharti Airtel discontinued its Rs 49 plan throughout India. This means that now the Airtel users who want to keep their number active even for incoming calls will need to subscribe with the Rs 79 plan. In the same price range, Reliance Jio also offers a Rs 75 prepaid plan to the users. Let’s see which plan is better and why.

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Reliance Jio’s Rs 75 Plan vs Bharti Airtel’s Rs 79 Plan
Reliance Jio is offering users a Rs 75 plan. This plan is available to all the JioPhone users in India. With this plan, Reliance Jio users get 28 days of validity along with truly unlimited voice calling. Further, users are eligible to get a total of 50 SMS along with 3GB of total data (0.1GB of daily data + 200MB data).

The great thing is that users can purchase this plan right now and get double the benefits. This means that for the same price, users will get 28+28 days of validity and 6GB of data (0.1GB of data with 200MB data twice) along with 50+50 SMS. Since there is unlimited voice calling already included, users don’t need to worry about getting a double voice calling benefit.

Now let’s take a look at what users get with the prepaid plan offered by Bharti Airtel.

Bharti Airtel’s Rs 79 prepaid plan comes with Rs 64 worth of talktime and 200MB of data. The voice calls are charged at 1 paise/sec or 60 paise/minute which translates to 106 minutes of voice calling benefit.

In comparison to this, Reliance Jio is offering free 300 minutes of voice calling every month to the users without any cost. Further, if the user pays and purchases the Rs 75 plan, he/she is eligible to receive truly unlimited voice calling benefit which is much more beneficial than that of Airtel’s plan.

Overall, Airtel users on the Rs 49 will have to pay more just to keep their SIM cards active. While JioPhone’s Rs 75 plan is cheaper than the Rs 79 plan from Airtel, it is much better and offers more benefits.

It is again worth noting that the Rs 75 plan can’t be recharged by users not owning a JioPhone. However, the Rs 79 plan of Airtel can be recharged by any customer of the telco regardless of the device he/she is running.

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